A Grand Night’s Sleep by Capitol Bedding

Grand Hotel has been doing business with Capitol Bedding since the day Bill Beuerle took his father to meet with owner R.D. Musser, Jr. over 30 years ago.   Bill’s father started the business in 1946 and to this day it remains a family owned and run Michigan Company.

Providing furniture and bedding to MSU and Notre Dame for their dorm rooms are just a couple of the accounts established when the company first began.  These accounts kept the company in business over many years and today Capitol Bedding still has a strong relationship with these great universities as well as with Grand Hotel.

Bill and his daughter Jennifer were kind enough to give us a tour of the Capitol Bedding facility located on Grand River Avenue in Lansing this week.   Everything from the custom HMI wood framed box spring assembly to the final label being stitched on is done in their warehouse by human hands.   Of course, they have pneumatic tools, quilting machines and power surgers to assist in the process.  But, you can see that every job is performed by an individual who truly cares about the quality of the end product.

Grand Hotel is proud to have partnered with Capitol Bedding for so many years and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many more.  This year we are not only replacing a large number of our hotel beds with a private label set called Grand Hotel Touch of Softness, but, we will also be offering you the opportunity to continue having a Grand night of sleep at home.

The Grand Hotel Touch of Softness mattress set will be available for purchase and can be ordered while you are with us or by calling 517-349-4600 and speaking with Ms. Suzie Ashley.  Be sure to look for the display with more information located in Mackinac Market throughout the season.

Nap time anyone?

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  1. Jacquie Larner's Gravatar Jacquie Larner
    January 31, 2011 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    This is another fine example of Grand Hotel (The Musser Family) promoting a fine Michigan Business. Thank you and I sure hope I get a room this year with one of the new mattresses. I will definately be looking into the possability of buying one. Thanks for the info, makes me want to get back there ASAP!!!

  1. By on March 14, 2011 at 1:19 am

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